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Giiker Intelligent Sudoku | Mathematical Thinking Game for Children | Sensor-Based Puzzle for Training

Giiker Intelligent Sudoku | Mathematical Thinking Game for Children | Sensor-Based Puzzle for Training

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  • Enter the world of logic and problem-solving with the Giiker Intelligent Sudoku game, designed to enhance mathematical thinking and cognitive skills in children. This sensor-based puzzle offers an engaging and interactive way for kids to develop their logical reasoning and problem-solving abilities while having fun.

    With its four or six palace sudoku variants, this game challenges children to solve puzzles by strategically placing numbers on a grid. By applying mathematical principles and logical deduction, players learn to analyze patterns, make decisions, and arrive at solutions, fostering critical thinking skills in an entertaining and educational manner.

    The Giiker Intelligent Sudoku game features an intuitive interface and sensor technology that detects players' moves in real-time, providing immediate feedback and guidance as they progress through the puzzles. With adjustable difficulty levels and a variety of gameplay options, including solo challenges and multiplayer modes, this game offers endless opportunities for learning and growth.

    Engage your child's mind and encourage mathematical exploration with the Giiker Intelligent Sudoku game. Whether they're beginners or seasoned puzzle enthusiasts, this innovative educational tool provides a stimulating and rewarding experience that promotes mathematical proficiency and logical reasoning in children.

    Communication method : Other
  • Origin : Mainland China
  • State of Assembly : Ready-to-Go
  • Model Number : Giiker Sudoku Four six palace grid puzzle toys
  • Max Speed : Giiker Sudoku four six palace grid puzzle toys
  • Certification : none
  • Communication method : Other
  • State of Assembly : Ready-to-Go
  • Gyro : Sensor Game
  • Scale : 1:5
  • Model Number : Intelligent Sudoku
  • Max Speed : Smart Sensor Game
  • Features : Slot
  • Control Channels : 2 Channels
  • Brand Name : MIJIA
  • Origin : Mainland China
  • Certification : NONE
  • Feature 1 : Smart Jigsaw Game
  • Feature 2 : Brain Teaser Puzzles Interactive
  • Feature 3 : Introductory Sensor Game
  • Feature 4 : Interactive Fidget Toys For Kids Gifts
  • Feature 5 : Puzzles Educational Toy
  • Feature 6 : For Kids Adults Handheld Games
  • Feature 7 : Interactive Fidget Toys Gifts
  • Feature 8 : for Children's Introductory Smart Sensor Game
  • Choice : yes
Giiker Intelligent Sudoku Four Or Six Palace Mathematical Thinking Ladder Training for Children Introductory Sensor Game

Product power supply: 2 AAA batteries (the package does not include batteries)


GiiKER Super Blocks Brain Games

Logical Thinking Puzzle

- 1000+Question Bank

- Smart sensor


Brand: Giiker

Capacity development: Intellectual development, hands-on brain

Product model: JKJM001

Main material: ABS

Battery parameters:Use 2 AA Batteries (not included in the package)


Applicable population groups: open-ended

Packaging: Color Box

Package Include:

Checkerboard x 1

Blocks x 16

Storage Bag x 1

Manual x 1

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