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Xiaomi Wireless Air Duster | 50000 RPM USB Compressed Air Blower | Cleaning Gun for Computer, Laptop, Keyboard, Camera

Xiaomi Wireless Air Duster | 50000 RPM USB Compressed Air Blower | Cleaning Gun for Computer, Laptop, Keyboard, Camera

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  • Introducing the Xiaomi Wireless Air Duster, your ultimate cleaning companion for electronic devices and delicate equipment. With a powerful 50000 RPM motor and USB charging capability, this compressed air blower offers efficient and convenient cleaning for your computer, laptop, keyboard, camera, and more. Keep your devices free from dust, dirt, and debris with ease and precision. 💨💻📷

    Designed with versatility in mind, the Xiaomi Air Duster features a lightweight and ergonomic design, making it easy to maneuver and handle during cleaning tasks. The compact size and wireless functionality allow for hassle-free use without the limitations of cords or cables. Say goodbye to bulky and cumbersome cleaning equipment and hello to effortless cleaning solutions. 🛠️🔋

    Equipped with a high-pressure air nozzle, this dust blowing gun delivers a focused stream of air to effectively dislodge and remove dust particles from hard-to-reach areas. Whether you're cleaning your keyboard crevices, camera lenses, or laptop vents, the Xiaomi Air Duster ensures thorough and precise cleaning results every time. Say goodbye to dust buildup and hello to pristine devices. 🧹🖥️🔍

    With its USB rechargeable battery, the Xiaomi Wireless Air Duster offers long-lasting power and extended cleaning sessions on a single charge. Simply plug it into any USB port to recharge and get back to cleaning in no time. Whether you're at home, in the office, or on the go, this versatile cleaning tool is always ready to tackle your cleaning needs. Keep your devices clean and functioning optimally with the Xiaomi Wireless Air Duster. 🔄🔌

    Communication method : Wi-Fi
  • Origin : Mainland China
  • State of Assembly : Ready-to-Go
  • Model Number : A38
  • Certification : RoHS
  • Choice : yes

This product is a xiaomi eco-chain product without xiaomi logo.

A.【ENHANCED CLEANING POWER】: .Upgrade max power 100W, 50000 RPM motor provides ultra-strong airflow for deep cleaning of microscopic dust. .Fit for different devices cleaning ranging from the computer, camera lens, PS4/5, laptop, ,Car Air Oulter, air conditioners, sofa, printed circuit boards to electronic instruments, medical devices cleaning; .Replaces Compressed Spray Gas.

B. 【MORE IMPROVEMENTS】: .Whole black body, modern and simple style; .Excellent workmanship, you can hardly see any seams; .Fewer screw holes,more beautiful than other air dusters; .The air inlet design on the back reduces dust entering the air blower.

C. 【MORE EFFICIENT AND SAFER】: Steel made and vertical hidden fan blade design, you can't directly see and touch the high-speed rotating fan blades, greatly extend the working life of the duster blade, more efficient and safer(Especially for children).

D.Cordless & Portable Air Duster】Lightweight and easy to carry. Considering your different needs, we thoughtfully equipped this air duster with 4 different nozzles.

E.【Rechargeable Electric Air Duster】Equipped with fast charging port and upgraded 6000mAh batteries, this computer duster can be quickly charged in three hours, which can run continuously for 15- 30 minutes. You can charge it through the car charger, mobile power laptop. Better experience, perfect replacement for air cans.

Package Includes:

1 x Air Duster

1 x USB Cable(Adapter not included)

4 x nozzles

1 x User Manual

Portable, Powerful, and Multi-purpose Air Duster

No Chemicals!

No greenhouse gases!

No fear of inhalant abuse.

Can be used continually for 30 minutes and will never freeze-up or cause frostbite.

No chemical residue danger to sensitive electronics.

The air duster does not produce any pollution.

Wide range of usability in every narrow and corner place


True 50000rpm motor, produces an incredibly explosive blast of air.

6000mAh high capacity rechargeable battery

Instant clearing

rechargeable and reusable


The spray nozzle we made is perfectly smaller, but comes out extremely powerful point of force up to "2.5OZ". To make it even stronger,

high power 100W motor of 50000RPM adopted, so that car air outlet cleaner can produce super powerful thrust of air and do more daunting cleaning jobs that all other brands cannot even have a try!

This is a portable, powerful, and result-oriented duster. Just like your mobile phone, a full charge is all that can free the air duster from a cable connection making it convenient to move anywhere, even in your bag. It also ensures little power consumption with 100W current, which makes the duster more user-friendly.

【Convenient Charging】


The rechargeable air duster designed with a 10W MIC USB charging port makes it more easily to charge. You can use the MIC USB cord of your phone or tablet with a 5V2A adapter(not included)to charge.

Its built-in rechargeable battery can directly be charged via the USB port, thus making it's friendly to the environment and energy efficient. Its fan has a powerful speed of 0.98-1.16oz, which is very useful to achieve lightning fast and holistic cleaning of non-removable and hidden specks of dust.

Four Set of Nozzle, which can be used in different places making a thorough cleaning.

The Strongest Gale for Powerful Cleaning

High power motor of 50000RPM is adopted, so that ABVOT keyboard cleaner can produce an excessively powerful thrust of air and do more daunting cleaning jobs that all other brands cannot even have a try!

This air duster is a gadget perfectly designed to clean your bumpy keyboards full of crannies. The super strong thrust of air can blow away the hidden dirt and go deep into the narrowest. A safe way to clean your keyboard without worrying about any chemical left behind when you type on it after the cleaning.

Suitable for Inflation : for Swimming rings, air mattresses, inflatable pools,  etc.

Long press to power on

Short pree the gear adjustment (Two gears adjustable)

Long press to power off

Double tap the long light

Double click again to slow flash

Double click to flash

How to Use?

⦁ Load the nozzle into the air outlet

⦁ Press and keep hold of the power button to run the unit

⦁ Release the button to turn it off(power-saving design to avoid unwanted power consumption)

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