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Ultra-Thin LED Lights with Motion Sensor | Wireless Under Cabinet Lighting | 10-60cm Night Light for Kitchen & Closet

Ultra-Thin LED Lights with Motion Sensor | Wireless Under Cabinet Lighting | 10-60cm Night Light for Kitchen & Closet

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Brighten up your kitchen, closet, or cabinet spaces with our Ultra-Thin LED Lights equipped with Motion Sensors. These wireless under-cabinet lights offer a sleek, modern solution to your lighting needs, seamlessly blending into any decor while providing efficient, motion-activated illumination. Available in sizes ranging from 10cm to 60cm, these versatile lights are perfect for various applications, ensuring every corner of your home is adequately lit 🌟🏠💡.

Designed for convenience and efficiency, these ultra-thin LED lights feature advanced motion sensor technology that detects movement, automatically turning the lights on when you're nearby and off when you're away. This not only enhances the functionality of your space but also conserves energy, making it an eco-friendly addition to your home.

The wireless design of these under-cabinet lights means installation is hassle-free, with no complicated wiring or electrical work required. Equipped with adhesive backing, they can be easily mounted under kitchen cabinets, inside closets, or wherever additional lighting is needed, providing a clean, streamlined look.

Crafted from high-quality materials, these LED lights are built to last, offering a durable and reliable lighting solution. Their ultra-thin profile ensures they remain discreet, providing a seamless integration into your home decor without compromising on brightness or coverage.

Whether you're cooking in the kitchen, searching for items in the closet, or navigating your home at night, these LED Ultra-Thin Lights with Motion Sensors provide the perfect blend of style, convenience, and functionality. Say goodbye to fumbling in the dark and hello to effortless illumination where and when you need it most.

Invest in these wireless under-cabinet lights for a smart, energy-efficient way to enhance the lighting in your home. Their sleek design, motion-sensor technology, and easy installation make them an essential upgrade for modern, well-lit living spaces.

  • Certification : ce
  • Voltage : 5V
  • Power Generation : Touch
  • Model Number : MZ-CT1005
  • Is Dimmable : Yes
  • Certification : CE
  • Material : ALLOY
  • Is Smart Device : no
  • Power Source : DC
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Shell color: Black/Silver

Power by: TYPE-C charging

Model: three colors in one lamp

Light Color: Warm /White/Nature light

Battery capacity:250mAh/600mAh/600mAh/1000mAh/ 1000mAh/1500mAh


●Extra Long LED life: >22000 Hours.

●0.9cm untra-thin design,thin and delicate,inconspicuous embellishment.

●Lighting :Color Temperature: 3000-6000K: Extra strong LED to light up any places where your need a nightlight situation.

●Motion Sensor Feature. Walk in & Auto Light Up.Lights will be auto turn on by motion activated within 3m/120° in the dark or in the dimmer surroundings,then auto turn off after 25 seconds to save battery life.

●Built-in Rechargeable Battery.No AAA Batteries: This motion sensor night light is powered by a large capacity rechargeable battery which can last few weeks or even months (ONLY When works in motion sensor mode,e.g auto light up within 10 times per day).BUT frequent auto light up might decrease battery life.

●Simple Installation Without Any Tools: Sticking the included metal mounting strip with the double-sided tape under cabinet or closet,the magnetic light can be auto absorbed on the metal strip.(Please must clean the flat surface before sticking).  You can also take it as a hand-held light if can fell free to remove the light from the place to recharge and then adsorb it back.

●No Wiring & Mounting Anywhere:Can be seen installed in such as closets, under cabinets,counters,shelves,hallways,wardrobes,kitchens, stairs, cabinets, hallways, drawers, stairs, basements, garages,storage rooms, etc. anywhere you need a night light.

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