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Non-Inflatable Baby Swimming Pool Floats | Infant Swim Buoyant Ring | Ideal for Toddlers & Kids Ages 6-36 Months

Non-Inflatable Baby Swimming Pool Floats | Infant Swim Buoyant Ring | Ideal for Toddlers & Kids Ages 6-36 Months

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  • Introduce your little ones to the joy of water play with our Non-Inflatable Baby Swimming Pool Floats, designed specifically for infants and toddlers aged 6-36 months. This innovative swim buoyant ring offers a safe and enjoyable introduction to swimming, making it the perfect accessory for summer fun in the pool. With no need for inflation, this float provides a hassle-free and reliable way for your child to explore the water 🌊👶💧.

    Constructed with safety as a priority, our baby swimming pool floats are made from high-quality, durable materials that provide buoyancy and stability in the water. The non-inflatable design eliminates the risk of air leaks, ensuring a consistent and secure floatation experience for your child.

    The swim buoyant ring is designed to support your child in a comfortable and natural swimming position, encouraging them to kick and paddle, which promotes the development of swimming skills and water confidence from an early age. The snug fit and secure seating area keep your little one safely contained while allowing them the freedom to move and explore the water.

    Easy to use and highly portable, these baby swimming pool floats are ideal for family vacations, trips to the beach, or everyday fun in your backyard pool. The compact design makes it simple to pack and carry, ensuring your child can enjoy water play wherever you go.

    Our Non-Inflatable Baby Swimming Pool Floats come in a variety of bright, child-friendly designs that will captivate your toddler's imagination and make pool time even more exciting. It's more than just a swim aid; it's a tool for creating joyful and memorable water experiences for your child.

    Equip your child with our Baby Swim Buoyant Ring and watch as they gain confidence and joy in the water. Perfect for nurturing budding swimmers, this pool float is an essential addition to your child's summer adventures.

  • Strap Type : Adjustable Strap
  • Gender : Boys and Girls
  • Features : Non-inflate
  • Buoyancy Index : Big Bouyancy
  • Fabric Type : Easy Dry
  • Thickness : 10 cm
  • Brand Name : KLEYOU
  • Model Number : H019
  • Origin : Mainland China
  • Applicable People : child
  • semi_Choice : yes

SOLID DESIGN- Different from traditional baby swimming ring, our baby swimming float doesn't need to inflate air, it's more safer than inflatable swimming ring, the deluxe baby float will bring your baby a joyful swimming time.

DURABLE & CONVENIENT- Highly durable inner material for years of use. Your child is comfortable splashing in the water wearing this comfortable, soft fabric vest.

DUAL BUCKLE- Double protection, propel your child forward to promote use of arms and legs and swim position enhancing swim training performance.

ADJUSTABLE, SECURE FIT- Trainer fits comfortably fitting snuggly with the adjustable strap.

PREMIUM QUALITY- Healthy and environmental protection material. It possesses strong buoyancy, non-toxic and durable characteristics. The workmanship and design meet the requirements of toy international safety standards.


1. Middle- enhanced fully sealed waterproof membrane, easy dry.
2. Inside latest tech pearl foam in millions tiny capsules, greatly improved buoyancy.

Fabric Upgrade

Water repellent fabric, quickly dry after used and easy clean. Soft and smooth fabric reduce friction. Let baby feel good in activity.

Security Straps-lock Box

Backpack shoulder straps, cotton mesh crotch straps, soft back straps, keep baby in a suitable position and make 360° full protection.

Highly Adhesive Velcro

Strong and thick reinforcement material, avoid broken on heavy force transportation.

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