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Baltinglass Brown Washable Area Rug | Warmth and Versatility for Every Home

Baltinglass Brown Washable Area Rug | Warmth and Versatility for Every Home

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Introducing the Baltinglass Brown Washable Area Rug, a perfect blend of warmth, durability, and practicality, designed to complement every home. This inviting area rug features rich brown tones, infusing any room with a sense of coziness and comfort. Ideal for high-traffic areas, family spaces, or simply as a stylish accent, the Baltinglass rug combines traditional aesthetics with the modern convenience of washability, ensuring your living space remains both elegant and effortlessly clean 🍂🏡.

Crafted with high-quality, resilient materials, the Baltinglass Brown Washable Area Rug stands up to daily wear and tear, making it a durable addition to both busy households and serene retreats. Its washable design allows for easy maintenance, offering a hassle-free solution to spills, stains, and everyday dirt.

The deep brown palette of the Baltinglass rug adds a warm and inviting layer to your flooring, complementing a wide range of decor styles, from rustic to contemporary. The subtle variations in tone and texture enhance the rug's visual appeal, creating a rich, multidimensional look that adds depth to your space.

Comfort isn't compromised with the Baltinglass rug. Its plush, soft texture provides a delightful underfoot experience, making it a favorite spot for relaxation and family gatherings. The rug's insulating properties also contribute to a warmer, more inviting atmosphere, particularly during cooler months.

Caring for the Baltinglass Area Rug is simple and straightforward. When it's time for a refresh, just toss it in the washing machine following the care instructions, and it will emerge looking as good as new, maintaining its color, texture, and softness wash after wash.

Transform your home with the Baltinglass Brown Washable Area Rug, where traditional warmth meets modern living. This versatile and practical rug not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your space but also offers the durability and easy-care features essential for contemporary lifestyles.


Brand: Hauteloom

Collection: Eadestown
Colors: Charcoal, Cream, Gray, Light Gray, Dark Red
Construction: Machine Woven
Material: 66% Chenille-Polyester,34% Cotton
Pile: Low Pile
Pile Height: 0.02"
Machine Washable: Yes
Made In: Turkey
Backing: Canvas
Thickness: 0.2"
Price Range: $$$$$
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