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Cooling Mattress Pad 1PC | Smooth Air Condition Home Comforter | Lightweight Cushion with Cool Feeling Fibre | Skin-Friendly & Breathable Mat

Cooling Mattress Pad 1PC | Smooth Air Condition Home Comforter | Lightweight Cushion with Cool Feeling Fibre | Skin-Friendly & Breathable Mat

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  • Transform your sleep experience with our Cooling Mattress Pad, designed to bring the essence of a breezy, air-conditioned comfort right into your bedroom 🛏️💨. Crafted with innovative cool-feeling fibers, this lightweight cushion offers an instant cooling sensation, perfect for those warm nights or anyone looking to enjoy a more comfortable sleep. Its smooth surface provides a luxurious touch, enhancing your bedding with both comfort and elegance. The skin-friendly and breathable material ensures a restful night's sleep by promoting air circulation and reducing sweat and discomfort. This 1PC cooling mat pad is an essential addition to your home, offering a simple yet effective solution to improve your sleeping environment. Enjoy the cooling comfort and support of this mattress pad, designed to fit seamlessly with your existing bedding and provide a refreshing night's sleep.

    Highlighted Features:

    • Innovative Cool-Feeling Fibers: Instantly cools down the body, providing relief during hot nights.
    • Lightweight & Comforting: Adds minimal weight to your bedding, ensuring a comfortable sleep without overheating.
    • Smooth & Luxurious Touch: Enhances your bedding with a premium feel, inviting you into a peaceful slumber.
    • Skin-Friendly Material: Gentle on the skin, preventing irritation and promoting a healthier sleep environment.
    • Breathable Design: Facilitates air flow, reducing sweat and maintaining a comfortable body temperature throughout the night.
    • Easy to Integrate: Designed to complement any bedding setup, simply place atop your mattress for immediate cooling benefits.
    • Durable & Easy to Maintain: Withstands regular use and washing, ensuring long-lasting cooling comfort.
    • Versatile Use: Ideal for home bedrooms, guest rooms, children's rooms, or as a portable comfort solution for travel.
  • Material : Polyester / Bamboo Fiber
  • Fabric Count : 60
  • Pattern : Plain Dyed
  • Model Number : MCY-001
  • Thread Count : 500TC
  • Weight : 0.6kg-1.3kg
  • Type : Flat Sheet
  • Grade : Grade A
  • Age Group : adults
  • Pattern Type : Plaid
  • Style : plain



Made of high-gram heavy fabric, it feels soft and comfortable, and does not lose hair and color
contains conductive wire, which can effectively prevent static electricity. It can be directly used close to your body, giving you a feel like a cat, soft and comfortable
four corners contain angle straps, and the back is made of anti-slip granular fabric, which is firm and not displaced
can be directly washed and machine washed to free your hands
Simple colors, simple and generous, multiple colors available.

Note: Hello, Please select the same size Mat based on your mattress size!! The lowest price is a pair of pillowcases(Not Mattress cover)!!!

Packet include:

1 pc Mat (Not included Pillowcase )
2pcs Pillowcases(Not included fitted sheet)


90x200cm/35.4x78.7 Inch
150x200cm/59x78.7 Inch
180x200cm/71x78.7 Inch
200x220cm/78.7x86.6 Inch


Our mattress covers and pillowcases are purchased separately
The bedspread and pillowcase are sold separately, if you want to make a set, please choose together.

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