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Freeze Display 3D Floating Picture Frame Shadow Box Jewelry Display Stand Ring Pendant Holder Protect Jewellery Stone Presentation Case

Freeze Display 3D Floating Picture Frame Shadow Box Jewelry Display Stand Ring Pendant Holder Protect Jewellery Stone Presentation Case

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style, elegance, and functionality for showcasing your cherished jewelry and keepsakes. This innovative jewelry display stand is designed to elevate your precious items to a whole new level.

🌟 Unique Display: Freeze Display offers a unique and eye-catching way to exhibit your jewelry, rings, pendants, and stones. The 3D floating picture frame creates a stunning visual effect that sets your pieces apart.

💎 Protect Jewellery: Your valuable jewelry deserves the best care, and our shadow box does just that. It provides a protective enclosure that shields your jewelry from dust, dirt, and potential damage, ensuring they remain as radiant as ever.

📸 Transparent Frame: The transparent acrylic frame of the shadow box offers a clear view of your jewelry, making it a fantastic choice for showcasing your favorite pieces. The transparent box enhances the beauty of your jewelry and adds a touch of sophistication to your space.

🌼 Elegant Presentation: Freeze Display is more than just a storage solution; it's an elegant presentation case for your jewelry. Whether you want to display your favorite pieces or create a stylish jewelry organizer, this shadow box does it with finesse.

🎁 Unique Gift Idea: Looking for a thoughtful and unique gift? The Freeze Display shadow box makes for an exceptional present. Surprise your loved ones with this beautiful display stand and help them showcase their treasured items.

🏡 Home Decor: This shadow box isn't just for jewelry; it's a piece of home decor. Use it to accentuate your interior design and create a space filled with memories and style. It's perfect for special occasions and home styling.

Preserve your precious moments, keep your jewelry organized, and add a touch of elegance to your space with the Freeze Display 3D Floating Picture Frame Shadow Box. It's a stylish and creative way to showcase your style and protect your valued possessions. Elevate your jewelry display game with this stunning shadow box!

Material: ABS + TPU Film
2 Color: Black / White (optional)
2 Size Optional:7*7*2cm/9*9*2cm

Enclose display items between two transparent, flexible TPU membranes for a 3D floating effect.
Place and position objects between membranes made of archival safe material and clasp frame together.
Perfect for exhibiting medals, coins, stamps, medallions, jewelry, casino poker chips, and other memorabilia.
Frame snaps open like a book and when closed compresses coin between clear films making it appear to be ''magically'' suspended.
Prop onto included base stand making an interesting tabletop display for your prized possessions. Get a full, front and back view of displayed object.

Package Included:
1 x 3D Floating Display Case + 1 x Base
(Other decorative ornaments shown in the picture Not included)

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