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Heated Scarf USB Rechargable Electric Heated Scarf Protection One Button Activated for Outdoor Skiing Camping Cycling

Heated Scarf USB Rechargable Electric Heated Scarf Protection One Button Activated for Outdoor Skiing Camping Cycling

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Heat can only be generated by external power supply (power bank)

Product selling points:
5 seconds of hot, warm winter good things.
3th gear temperature control, control at will.
Smart thermostat, energy saving and power saving.
Skin-friendly fabrics, warm protection.
Graphene heat, large area heat.
Light and warm, comfortable to wear.
Repeated washing, easy to clean.

Product Description:
Winter Warm Gift: Excellent neck warmer that not only warms the neck in winter, but also relieves cramps and muscle soreness, allowing you to relax on cold nights.
High-quality materials: soft polyester made, comfortable, smooth and tactile. Heating pads may help relieve neck discomfort. Skin-friendly fabrics, large areas of heat, from the inside out of the warm protection.
3rd gear temperature regulation: 3rd gear temperature adjustable (45C/50C/55C), one-click switch control, easy to adjust. Equipped with USB cable and 1500mAh mobile power supply, simply connect the mobile power supply, scarf can be used any time, anywhere
A wide range of applications: suitable for outdoor hunting, fishing, dog walking, horse riding, camping, hiking, motorcycles, skiing, snowboarding and outdoor work, keeping your neck warm and stiff.
Can support washing: can be washed like a normal scarf, remove the mobile power supply, USB connector can also be washed directly. (When washing to ensure that the power has been lost), drying can be connected to normal use of the power supply, heat plate low voltage operation, multiple safety protection system, only thermal conductivity does not conduct electricity.

Product name: Smart hot scarf
Material: cotton and rice velvet
Product size: 85 x 10cm
Packing size: 20 x 15 x 5cm
Single gross weight: 225g
Single net weight: 200g
Product color: blue orange, black and white, red and black
Input voltage: 5V
Input current: 2A
Rated power: 4W
Plug connector: Type-C USB
Battery capacity: 1500mAh
Use time: 2.5H, 2nd 2H, 3rd 1.5H
Temperature setting: 45C/50C/55C

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