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Pet Rover Titan-HD Premium Super-Sized Pet Stroller | SUV Travel Carriage with Access Ramp | 100Lbs Capacity in Green Camo

Pet Rover Titan-HD Premium Super-Sized Pet Stroller | SUV Travel Carriage with Access Ramp | 100Lbs Capacity in Green Camo

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  • Introducing the Pet Rover Titan-HD, a premium, super-sized pet stroller designed to provide your dog, cat, or any cherished pet with the ultimate comfort and safety during outdoor adventures. With a robust 100lbs carrying capacity, this SUV-style travel carriage is perfect for pet owners who refuse to compromise on their furry friend's well-being. The eye-catching green camo design not only makes a bold statement but also blends seamlessly with outdoor environments 🌳🐾🚙.

    This top-of-the-line pet stroller is equipped with an easy-to-use access ramp, allowing pets of all sizes and ages, especially those with mobility issues, to enter and exit the carriage with ease. No more lifting required, making it an ideal choice for senior pets or those recovering from injuries.

    The Titan-HD doesn't just transport your pet; it does so with unmatched comfort. The spacious interior ensures that your pet can relax or move around comfortably, while the sturdy construction shields them from the elements and rough terrains. Ventilated mesh windows offer ample airflow and let your pet enjoy the views, making every ride enjoyable and stress-free.

    Designed with convenience in mind, this pet stroller features multiple storage options for pet supplies, personal items, and more, ensuring you have everything you need within arm's reach. The robust wheels and suspension system provide a smooth ride, making it suitable for city sidewalks, park paths, and even more rugged trails.

    Whether you're heading to the vet, embarking on a weekend getaway, or simply enjoying a day out in the park, the Pet Rover Titan-HD Premium Super-Sized Pet Stroller is your go-to travel carriage. It's more than a stroller; it's a mobile pet haven that brings you and your beloved companion closer to nature and each other.

    Origin : US(Origin)
About this item
100% Polyester
Editors' Choice Award Winner of 2021 Dogster Magazines ★ INTEGRATED ACCESS RAMP ★ Our patented retractable access ramp and flip-down front lid allows pets, especially those with medical conditions and mobility difficulty, to enter and exit the stroller effortlessly, without the need of assistance from its owner.

SUPER-SIZE & 100LBS CAPACITY ★ With 100 pounds capacity and oversize pet compartment of 32" long by 20" wide, this heavy-duty pet stroller SUV offers plenty of space for a large pet or multiple small and medium pets to share rides comfortably.

4x ALL-TERRAIN RUBBER WHEELS ★ All four durable and heavy-duty automotive-grade/pump-free/airless rubber tires offer excellent durability and superior ride quality for daily travel on all terrain. Swivel locks and front wheel suspension enhance stability even on rough terrain.

MULTI-PET DESIGNS ★ Super spacious pet compartment, four interior tethers and front/rear entries can comfortably accommodate one to several pets up to 100Lbs. Accessory hooks allow additional pets to travel alongside this pet stroller SUV. Three organizer pockets, cup holder and large under-basket made traveling easy and tidy.

HEAVY DUTY & DURABLE ★ A Weather-resistance canopy and water/scratch-proof pet compartment fabric shield your pets from harsh elements such as rain, snow, dust and high heat. Heavy-duty yet light-weight frame offers rigid construction using anodized aluminum alloys in luxurious gold color. This rust-free metal makes for an exceptionally attractive and durable product.

Color Green Camo
Material rubber
Fabric Type 100% Polyester
Frame Material Aluminum

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