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Portable Countertop Dishwasher | 5-Liter Built-in Water Tank | Versatile 5-Program System for Dishes, Glassware, Fruit & Baby Products

Portable Countertop Dishwasher | 5-Liter Built-in Water Tank | Versatile 5-Program System for Dishes, Glassware, Fruit & Baby Products

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  • Elevate your kitchen convenience with our Portable Countertop Dishwasher, a compact yet powerful solution designed to simplify your dishwashing routine. Equipped with a 5-liter built-in water tank and an easy-to-connect inlet hose, this versatile dishwasher is perfect for small kitchens, apartments, RVs, or any space where traditional dishwashers might not fit. Its innovative 5-program system offers customized cleaning for a variety of needs, from everyday dishes and glassware to delicate fruit and baby products, ensuring everything is washed with care 🍽️🍇🍼.

    This countertop dishwasher is engineered for efficiency and ease of use, featuring intuitive controls and a clear display that guides you through the different washing programs. Whether you need a quick rinse or a thorough wash, this appliance has you covered. The built-in water tank allows for hassle-free operation without the need for permanent installation, making it an ideal choice for renters or those frequently on the move.

    The compact design doesn't compromise on capacity. It's spacious enough to accommodate your daily dishwashing needs while fitting comfortably on your countertop. The air-dry function adds convenience by reducing drying time and enhancing hygiene, leaving your dishes not only clean but also ready to use.

    Perfect for small families, singles, couples, or anyone with limited kitchen space, our Portable Countertop Dishwasher offers a practical solution to the time-consuming task of handwashing. Say goodbye to sink clutter and hello to more free time with this efficient, space-saving dishwasher.

    Upgrade your kitchen with our Portable Countertop Dishwasher and experience the perfect blend of functionality, convenience, and innovation. It's not just a dishwasher; it's a game-changer for your daily kitchen chores.

  • Capacity : 5 Liters
  • Special Feature : Portable
  • Portable : Touch
  • Included Components : Dishwasher
  • Form Factor : Built-In
  • Item Weight : 43 pounds
  • Product Dimensions : 21.7 x 19.7 x 17.2 inches
  • Annual Energy Consumption : 130 Kilowatt Hours
  • Option Cycles : 5
  • Voltage : 120 Volts

About this item

  • COMPACT AND PORTABLE: This mini tabletop dishwasher is great for small kitchens, apartments, RVs, and boats. With its built-in 5-liter water tank, you don't need a hookup, making it convenient for any location. The space inside the dishwasher is big enough to fit 12-inch diameter dishes..Rated Power : 750W, Water Pressure : 20-120PSI..Specification of the socket is 10A 120VAC
  • VERSATILE CLEANING OPTIONS: The countertop dishwasher offers five different wash cycles, including baby care, glass, and fruit wash, ensuring that all your dishes, from delicate glassware to baby bottles, are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.
  • TIME-SAVING CONVENIENCE: With just 40 minutes, water, and electricity, you can have clean dishes and sparkling glassware anywhere and anytime. This small dishwasher is great for busy individuals who need a quick and efficient solution for their dishwashing needs.
  • EASY TO USE AND MAINTAIN: This dishwasher features a user-friendly LED display and simple controls, making it easy to select the perfect wash cycle for your needs. Plus, the built-in water tank is easy to refill and clean, ensuring your dishwasher stays in top condition.
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