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Portable Dryer Folding Drying Clothes Rack Heat By Shoe Drying Machine Small Folding Clothes Rack Efficient and Unique

Portable Dryer Folding Drying Clothes Rack Heat By Shoe Drying Machine Small Folding Clothes Rack Efficient and Unique

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  • 🌟 Introducing our Travel Portable and Compact Drying Rack, a must-have for efficient and convenient drying on the go! 🔌👚

    💡 Features:

    • Travel Portable and Compact: This drying rack is designed to be small and foldable, making it easy to store and effortless to carry around, ideal for travel and compact living spaces. 🧳🏠

    • Efficient Drying: With a capacity of 5-10kg and a power output of 250w, this machine dries your clothes quickly and efficiently, saving you time and energy. ⏰💨

    • Unique Design: Its innovative shoe-drying machine design is not only unique but highly efficient, allowing you to dry both your clothes and shoes simultaneously. 👖👟

    • Versatile Use: Perfect for drying a variety of items including clothes, shoes, and other small items, it's a versatile addition to any home. 🧣🧤

    🌈 Stats:

    • Color: Elegant Purple
    • Material: Durable Aps
    • Weight: Lightweight at 0.66kg
    • Rated Voltage: 220V
    • Rated Frequency: 50HZ
    • Rated Power: 230W
    • Power Supply: Comes with a European plug, connect to electricity for use

    📘 User Instruction:

    • The leather strap of the machine is designed for ease of use in various scenarios, being both openable and closable.
    • For use, simply detach the metal buckle at one end of the hanging belt from the body, place it on the hanging rod, and then reattach the buckle to lift.

    📦 Packing List:

    • Clothes Dryer x1
    • Power Cord x1
    • Instruction Manual x1
    • Storage Bag X1
    • Clothespin x2

    ⚠️ Notice:

    1. Do not over-place: To ensure effective drying, avoid overloading. It's recommended to dry half the amount at a time.
    2. Prevent clothing deformation: For clothes prone to deformation (like sweaters, underwear, silk), use a hanger before placing in the dryer.
    3. Pay attention to clothing fibers: Different materials (cotton, linen, chemical fiber) have varying drying times. Follow the instruction manual for optimal results.

    Get your hands on this convenient, efficient, and versatile drying rack, perfect for modern, fast-paced lifestyles! 🚀💜 #PortableDryingRack #EfficientLaundrySolution #TravelEssential #HomeGadget #ClothesDryer



After confirming the total power consumption of the dryer, it is necessary to use a special socket, preferably not plugged in a multi-socket. When you disconnect the power supply, please carefully hold the plug and pull it off. Do not pull the power cord hard to avoid damage to the connection between the plug and the wire.


When clothes are fully dehydrated, put them in the dryer. This saves drying time and saves electricity. It is not allowed to inject water into the clothes dryer, and it is not allowed to spray water upward, otherwise it is easy to cause electric shock accidents and cause damage to the clothes dryer.

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